Edward Curtis

A Photographic Journey of Parallel Histories

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew will present her photo-based artwork, which is a striking blend of still and moving imagery. Her larger work draws on archival photographs as a source of inspiration to examine concepts of memory, cultural assumptions, and national identity. Some of her work explores the powerful appeal of family photographs and how they shape identity and memory. Matthew uses the medium of photography to challenge the distance between past and present and the separation between fact and fabricated history.

Co-sponsored by the Department of Art History and the Zimmerli Museum of Art

2017 LightField Festival of Multimedia Visual Art

LightField’s 2nd Festival of multimedia art, presents the work of six distinguished artists. In different ways, their visual projects look past common perceptions and stereotypes to delve into the real lives of people largely invisible to mainstream culture. These artists are unflinching in their engagement with working class people of all ethnicities, who day-to-day face challenges to their humanity and dignity from within and without their communities. 

By presenting their work in one venue (Hudson Hall), and in innovative, multifaceted displays, Just the Facts asserts the potency of the art’s subject matter, and also aims to explore how the realism on the artworks’ surface creates lively, nuanced entry points to broader conversations.

Those entry points include:

– the agency of the disenfranchised individual in American society;

– the prospect of social, economic, and political upheavals now dominating secular life;

– the myth of documentary objectivity;

– the ways in which globalization and technology have left many individuals and families behind;

– and the ways in which immigrants have become the focus of insecurity and fear worldwide.

Dis/Obedient Women

in partnership with Art Night London 2017 and the Whitechapel Gallery